What are the lesser-known industry benefits of 5G connectivity?

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February 8, 2023


"Since the 5th generation of cellular technology was first introduced in 2016, the once-hypothesised capabilities of the technology have continued to become a reality and revolutionise business connectivity. With worldwide adoption of 5G set to reach one billion by the end of 2022, this success has paved the course for deployment to be expanded to new cities, industries […]"
5g and 4g

Since the 5th generation of cellular technology was first introduced in 2016, the once-hypothesised capabilities of the technology have continued to become a reality and revolutionise business connectivity. With worldwide adoption of 5G set to reach one billion by the end of 2022, this success has paved the course for deployment to be expanded to new cities, industries and businesses across the globe.

The most well-understood benefits of upgrading to 5G technology over 4G are well documented as businesses begin to realise the advantages of improved network speeds and higher traffic capacity. Despite this, 5G as a technology is still relatively new and highly complex. There are still many lesser-known benefits of 5G technology that could completely transform the fortunes of any company

Energy Efficiency

One perhaps less discussed element of 5G connectivity compared to 4G LTE is the improved energy efficiency per bit of data transmitted. Currently, 5G operates at around 90% more efficiently than 4G and therefore businesses that adopt the technology can lower the costs incurred from data transfer. Furthermore, when connected to physical devices internet of things (IoT) devices, 5G will reduce power consumption and provide increased battery durability during data transfer. Such increased efficiency also has environmental benefits by lowering greenhouse gas emissions during data communications.

Suppliers like Cambium Networks™ and Inseego™ offer a range of sophisticated devices that can facilitate these efficiencies of 5G. The Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Outdoor CPE – FW2000e device for instance provides fast and energy-efficient connectivity to all locations and weather conditions thanks to its high gain directional antenna. These signals can also operate across longer distances without relying upon uninsulated non-portable wiring so regardless. As such, employees who are constantly on the move can easily communicate with clients and/or customers without having to worry about slow and inconsistent network connections.

An alternative option is to use the Inseego Wavemaker™ Pro 5G Industrial Gateway – S2000e. This gateway transmits strong and fast 5G signals to virtually any location. Whether it be for an existing router in a rural area or IoT devices like security cameras, you can be sure that the energy efficiency and speed of the 5G network will be maintained.

Increased security

Another industry-benefitting but the lesser-discussed quality of 5G technology is the increased data security it offers to businesses. Unlike older network technologies, 5G data can be routed through an encrypted IP tunnel which makes it increasingly challenging for data to be accessed by malicious third parties. 5G connectivity also uses 256-bit encryption meaning that a user’s identity and location are encrypted on the network. Additionally, for businesses who still wish to monitor the security of their company network, 5G technology enables network administrators to monitor device network access and identify any risks or potential threats they see in real-time.

Cambium Networks cnWave V5000 60GHz wireless access point is the perfect companion piece to utilise these benefits. Not only does it enable fast and cost-effective 5G gigabit connectivity for businesses, but it also provides seamless cloud-managed security thanks to its integration with the cnMaestro™ cloud-based management system. cnMaestro offers full network visibility and secure end-to-end network control regardless of where the network controller is. Such functionality has limitless potential for a business and can be used to tailor day-to-day network operations and stop unverified network entry.

Network Slicing

With the fast-changing technological environment that businesses of all industries work within, operational efficiency and industry innovation are perhaps the most fundamental drivers of success. The capabilities of a 5G network work parallel to these industry goals thanks to the network slicing, fast transfer, and reduced latency capabilities. Network slicing is a new development of 5G; it allows businesses to control multiple networks on the same physical network. To begin, this allows businesses to efficiently control and subsequently attune application data use to optimise reliability, performance, and efficiency.

As an example, a biotech company with extensive network demand to access cloud services and securely communicate research through virtual conferencing may also provide employees with specific work phones. If this business used a 4G network, then each of these processes would receive the same data resources therefore leading to ‘data waste’. A 5G network however can be used to divide these different applications into ‘slices’ and subsequently allocate unique data resources based on communication, speed, and latency requirements. In this business context, an Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Indoor Router – FG2000e would be greatly beneficial. Not only does it enable high-performance solutions and quality connectivity for all your data needs, but its integration with Inseego Connect allows for cloud-based device management. This makes it an effective router for businesses wanting to utilise the benefits of network slicing.

Industry Innovative

Network slicing can also be used to combine and control data transfer of IoT devices within the same network. For instance, a massive IoT slice required for automated machinery can easily operate on the same network as mission-critical IoT slices. Such flexibility of data use – in addition to the vast speeds and capacity provided by 5G networks – will be fundamental to fuelling innovative and safe practices within industry. Consider a medical setting. 5G dedicated hospitals now have the data capacity to not only monitor patient conditions in real-time 24/7 but in surgical procedures where human input could produce a greater risk to the patient and/or doctor, automated technologies can be used to safely improve patient outcomes within different surgical procedures.

5G connectivity can also greatly improve the educational infrastructure for the next generation of doctors and surgeons. High data use technologies like virtual reality for instance can now be used to simulate the different surgical scenarios and educate on the impacts that potential surgical choices could have on the human body. These sorts of didactic benefits are greatly advantageous for training purposes; however, they do require a large and consistent transfer of data. Cambium Networks cnMedusa™ PMP 450m access platform acts as the perfect companion piece to this form of innovation-based learning. Its commercially effective, reliable, and scalable capabilities are driven by its new Massive Multi-User (MIMO) technology. This makes the access point perfect for businesses with large, multipurpose data requirements as they can operate at maximum efficiency without suffering from a drop in network connectivity.

Hardware and supplier Reliability

Choosing the most effective 5G Network system is slowly becoming fundamental to the long-term innovation and subsequent success of a business. With the evolving business landscape requiring fast and instant network connectivity, choosing a 5G network provider that can meet the demands of your business has never been more pivotal. By investing in a Cambium or Inseego device, you will have access to fast, energy-efficient, and flexible network communications that have been tailored to the needs and requirements of your industry.

Minerva is a proud Cambium Networks and Inseego partner and will tailor a solution for your 5G network needs. If you’re interested in our 5G device range and how it can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with our team today.