Founded in 2007, Neocom software have served over 150 countries worldwide, providing modern radio systems, advancing on modern radio technologies to deliver top-class software solutions that are unrivalled by any existing solutions in the industry. As a recognised partner of MOTORBO and Motorola Solutions, TRBOnet software services have now gained the TRBOnet a global reputation as one of the most popular dispatch systems worldwide.

Why Choose TRBOnet and Minerva?

Industry-leading TRBOnet products such as TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet Plus showcase Neocom software’s capabilities of providing efficient, reliable, scalable and successful radio software solutions. With over twelve years of experience providing a range of industries with technologies that have harboured five international awards, TRBOnet are undisputed industry leaders.

The benefits of TRBOnet technologies include TRBOnet Enterprise’s award-winning IP Dispatch System, the ability to combine your business across platform and manage multiple systems at once, and on the go. 

TRBOnet serves the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Safety
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation 

TRBOnet’s Product Portfolio at Minerva includes:

TRBOnet Watch

TRBOnet Watch

Watch is a client-server application which allows you to monitor a radio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity for on-sites ...
TRBOnet Voice Recorder

TRBOnet Voice Recorder

A new solution brought to the market is more than just a stripped-down version of TRBOnet Enterprise. Rather, it is a modern looking ...


TRBOnet Plus is a purely IP-based dispatch application with capabilities far beyond just mere dispatch functions and features. This ...
TRBOnet Enterprise

TRBOnet Enterprise

TRBOnet Enterprise is a feature-rich and robust control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems of any size ...

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands we pride ourselves on class leading products from world renowned vendors. Minerva has all the skill sets to help partners grow their business. Being active since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of two-way radio, wireless broadband and unified communication products and solutions.