Body-Worn Camera

Motorola Solutions’ body-worn cameras are cutting-edge devices designed to enhance public safety, security, and accountability for law enforcement officers and other professionals in the field. These surveillance body cameras ensure front-line teams can take control of developing and unexpected situations. They provide an invaluable tool for capturing real-time audio and video footage, helping to document incidents, interactions, and activities accurately and deter any situation from escalating.

Designed with the latest feature advancements – like secure data storage, crystal clear output, long battery life, integration with other technologies, and user-friendly controls, – Motorola’s body-worn cameras are a pivotal tool in modern law enforcement and security. They empower the frontline workforce to take control of a developing situation, helping to document incidents, protect officers, and uphold justice.

At Minerva Technologies, we currently offer 2 series of Motorola body cameras, the VB400 and the VT100:

  • The VB400: is a rugged, next-generation device built to provide optimal clarity to law enforcement during the most unpredictable of situations.
  • The VT100: is a fully integrated enterprise-grade mobile video solution that pairs with the Motorola videomanager

Why Motorola Body Cameras?

Clear Evidence Capture

Unlike other body-worn cameras, Motorola devices capture video with high-definition qualities. This ensures a comprehensive account of events in any situation with no ambiguities.

Seamless Integration

Our body cameras seamlessly integrate with existing communication systems and our VideoManager software, streamlining your workflow.

Extended Battery Life

Body cameras such as the VB400 contain not only advanced battery life – that ensures a workforce is never without this safety net – but also feature innovations such as pre/post capture that captures the events just before and after the operator begins recording.

Activate Stream Alerting with a Single Push

Instantly transmit alerts to the control room by pressing record, ensuring swift incident response, and heightened overall protection.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

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VT100 Body-Worn Camera

VT100 Body-Worn Camera

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Proud Motorola Solutions Vendor

Our team at Minerva Technologies are proud partners of Motorola Solutions. We stand ready to provide unparalleled Motorola body-worn camera support and expert customer service. If you’re seeking more information on our Motorola body cameras then please contact our team today.