At Minerva we have partnered with industry-leading and technology specialist vendors to ensure that your products are the highest quality. Clear, concise and stable communications are the foundation to all successful businesses, and for this reason, durability, accessibility and quality are at the forefront of our vendor’s designs.

Minerva stock devices, accessories and replacements from JPL Telecom to cover all your unified communications needs. Whether you require headsets for business or personal use, the range of devices available ensures that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

When searching for a good quality headset, consider the following features:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Shape/Design
  • Size and Weight

Products Available:

The Dect Headset comes in two variations: Bluetooth or USB. This variation is to ensure that the user can select the option they feel most comfortable with. This headset includes a noise-cancelling microphone, volume control, 7.5 hours talk time and the ability to switch from dual to single ear usage depending on preference.

Ear cushions should be regularly replaced to optimise user comfort. This also helps to ensure that the sound quality of the headsets remains intact, to maximise the efficiency and clarity of the communications.

Models include the EC-13, EC-12, EC-04, EC-TT3 and EC-08.

JPL provide a variety of bottom leads to suit various model types and devices. You can use our dedicated headset compatibility tool here to discover the appropriate lead for your device.

  • Headset Amplifiers

Headset amplifiers are particularly useful if you are working in a crowded or bustling environment. This will improve the sound quality and therefore the quality of communications.

  • Training Adapters

Training adapters provide the ability to insert two headset jacks into one device. These are great to use to ensure staff that are being trained feel supported and are adequately monitored in a comfortable and appropriate way.

  • Cases

Designed to keep your headset safe during travel and storage, JPL provide hard cases specifically curated for their headset devices.

  • Over-Ear Hooks

Depending on user preference, many headset devices can be altered to sit over the ear for comfort.

The range of accessories available provide you with peace of mind that your communications are reliable at all times. All accessories come with a warranty and specialised features to prioritise ease of use.

Contact our customer service representatives at Minerva for more information and product specifications.

Ear Cushions Replacement

Ear Cushions Replacement

Replacing the cushion pads on your headset should be a regular occurrence, like changing the oil in your car. Not only does changing ...


JPL offer an extensive range of accessories to compliment their products. You will find a selection of them listed below.

Customer Service

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