JPL Telecom

Designing and manufacturing wired telephone headsets since 2004, JPL Telecom are a leading vendor in the unified communications industry, producing headsets for businesses all over the world, including call centres, business centres and training facilities. 

Whether you’re looking for entry level headsets all the way through to professional standard, JPL Telecom have a headset solution to suit all budgets and needs. With the aim of creating a diverse product portfolio that focuses on reliability and efficiency, JPL Telecom now design and manufacture multiple headset types. 

Why Choose JPL Telecom Products at Minerva?

JPL Telcom provide a wide range of professional telecom headsets, from entry level office use headsets to professional call centre use headsets in wired and wireless DECT styles, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. Directly competing with Plantronics, Jabber and Sennheiser, JPL Telecoms offer lighter, more comfortable headsets with exemplary audio quality, in addition to the following benefits: 

  • Professional Design
  • A Range Of Accessories And Supported Products 
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Access To Online User Guides 

JPL Telecom Products at Minerva

  • USB Headset
  • Contact Centre Headset
  • Professional Office Headset
  • DECT Headset 
  • Bottom Leads
  • Ear Cushion Replacements 
  • Headset Accessories 

To review the JPL Telecom product portfolio, discover JPL Telecom services and discuss your business needs, get in touch with the team at Minerva today.

Bottom Leads

Bottom Leads

JPL provide a number of leads to support different headsets/deskphones. You can select the manufacturer of the deskphone you are ...
Ear Cushions Replacement

Ear Cushions Replacement

Replacing the cushion pads on your headset should be a regular occurrence, like changing the oil in your car. Not only does changing ...


JPL offer an extensive range of accessories to compliment their products. You will find a selection of them listed below.