Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT)

Innovative Circuit Technology

Founded in 1986 and based in North America, Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) are the world-leading provider of DC power supplies and solutions. Their advanced circuitry and power management systems have revolutionized industries by providing innovative power solutions for land mobile radio, fixed wireless radio, small cell technologies, and the industrial DC power market.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility, ICT provide high-quality power solutions across the globe to meet the growing need for fast, efficient and wireless communications to facilitate the smooth running of business-to-business communications in all environments.

ICT provides DC power conversion products for:

Innovative Circuit Technology products are designed to offer the highest industry quality solutions while redefining efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in power management. ICT’s dedication to this objective, coupled with its stringent testing, maintenance, and monitoring protocols, enables seamless communication for your business, irrespective of distance, and at a remarkably affordable cost to ensure communications are always of paramount quality.

Innovative Circuit Technology Products

Crafted by a team of seasoned engineers and shaped by customer-driven insights, Innovative Circuit Technology products boast an exceptional track record of minimal failures and enduring quality assurance.

Innovative Circuit Technology products available at Minerva include:

Benefits of ICT Solution Products

ICT specializes in designing highly reliable, efficient, and compact power products. Below are just a few key benefits of utilising ICT products in your business.

Lifetime Innovative Circuit Technology Technical Support

For the past 30 years ICT have stood tall as the world’s leading provider of industrial DC power solutions, not just from the quality of products offered and a dedication to quality assurance but also for their unwavering commitment to customer service. Should any product issue arise, their promise of lifetime technical support from the in-house engineering team goes hand in hand with every purchase. This ensures that a businesses power challenges are consistently met regardless of where they operate in the world.

Customization Capabilities

Innovative Circuit Technologies (ICT) products boast exceptional customization and modification capabilities. With a focus on adaptability, their offerings cater to diverse needs across industries, offering tailored solutions that can be seamlessly integrated to meet evolving technological demands. Whether it’s custom power solutions, adaptive circuitry, or specialized modifications, ICT’s commitment to innovation empowers clients to optimize their systems with precision and efficiency.

Cutting-Edge DC Products

To meet the diverse DC power demands and challenges faced within different industries, ICT provide an extensive line of DC power conversion products with a variety of voltage options to accommodate the different load demand requirements. Meticulous in design and engineered for seamless installation, these products are tailored to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ultimately saving time and money.

Intelligent Solutions

ICT products are also at the forefront of industry innovation thanks to intelligent solutions. The ethernet-enabled intelligent DC power monitoring and control empowers businesses to monitor their sites and make technical changes remotely without having to be there in person. Streamlined, secure graphical interfaces ensure effortless setup and utilization, prioritizing user-friendliness and security for enhanced operational convenience.

DIN Series Power Supply

DIN Series Power Supply

The ICT DIN Series Power Supply Unit is a DIN-rail mount, 360-watt DC power supply that can be used in 24- or 48-volt DC applications. ...

Approved Innovative Circuit Technology Partner

At Minerva, our expert team strive to surpass customer expectations and takes pride in the strong partnerships we hold with our vendor partners such as Innovative Circuit Technology. With a history dating back to 2003, our team possesses in-house technical prowess to support the design and delivery of ICT DC power products and solutions for your business. If you have any questions about our ICT product line, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Customer Service

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands we pride ourselves on class leading products from world renowned vendors. Minerva has all the skill sets to help partners grow their business. Being active since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of two-way radio, wireless broadband and unified communication products and solutions.