Founded in 2013, Cloud4Wi is a cloud-based platform that enables fast-paced and reliable WiFi hotspot management services and customer engagement solutions for a range of businesses. 

With an easily customisable interface, real-time analytics, engagement functionalities and a priority in maximising user experience, Cloud4Wi WiFi hotspot management solutions enable vendors to directly engage with their customers through innovative location-based marketing solutions. 

Guest Cloud4Wi platforms and wireless broadband aim to provide an exemplary guest experience by ensuring vendors’ WiFi hotspot management services are easy to use, reliable and cost effective to maximise the efficiency of vendor to consumer communications. 

Cloud4Wi and Cloud4Wi platforms provide services for the following industries and vendors:

  • Luxury Vendors
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centres
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Smart Cities

Why choose Cloud4Wi and Minerva?

Working to achieve the creation of innovative, location-based marketing solutions, Cloud4Wi platforms use ground-breaking technologies to achieve four core company values: Innovation, Teamwork, Equality and Integrity.

Working in over 120 countries worldwide in over 60,000 locations and working with over 150 million mobile customers, Cloud4Wi are the world’s leading WiFi hotspot management provider, providing award-winning solutions.

User Friendly WiFi Hotspot Management

Cloud4Wi services allow businesses to accurately target customers whilst maintaining complete privacy, to maximise the effectiveness of marketing services, advertising, social media and more, providing the opportunity to increase revenue gained through customer behaviour, as well as loyalty.

WiFi Hotspot Management

WiFi Hotspot Management

Cloud4Wi provides an innovative cloud platform for managing and monetizing Wi-Fi services. Cloud4Wi’s platform enables venues to be ...

Customer Service

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands we pride ourselves on class leading products from world renowned vendors. Minerva has all the skill sets to help partners grow their business. Being active since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of two-way radio, wireless broadband and unified communication products and solutions.