In today’s information dependent day-to-day business landscape, an effective telecommunication infrastructure in which to transmit information is fundamental. While traditional backhaul links provide users with a wired method of information transfer, this is often viewed today as impractical. More commonly used now is a wireless communications topology like Point-to-point technologies – also referred to as PTP. PTP refers to private data interconnectivity between two sites/locations that ensures secure private data communications.

Cambium Network’s PTP solutions offer an innovative, fast, and cost-effective method of wireless data communication, across a variety of deployment scenarios. With the increasing capabilities and standards for wireless technologies thanks to the development of 5G interconnectivity, Cambium Network’s PTP solutions facilitate high performance and quick connections at long distances. When paired with the right business tailored Wi-Fi system, organisations can be confident of reliable and fast telecommunications that will meet even the most demanding of user totals.

Cambium Network’s PTP solutions have been awarded best-in-class real-world performance, offering significant OPEX and CAPEX savings when compared to legacy non-wireless interconnectivity methods as well as significantly quicker implementation. These connections can facilitate the communication of voice (VoIP), video, data, and internet connections.

Point-to-point products at Minerva include models such as PTP 820EPTP 450B, PTP450i,  PTP 550E and PTP 670.

Proud Cambium Networks vendor

Cambium Networks have supplied point-to-point network solutions to countless businesses and industries spanning across the globe. Like Cambium Networks, we here at Minerva don’t follow a one size fits all approach to network connectivity. Our solutions are specially tailored to every organisation and the landscape they operate.

Minerva is a proud partner of Cambium Networks and continues to provide expert advice to help clients implement their point-to-point wireless network successfully. Interested in how Cambium Networks point-to-point solutions can help your business? Contact out team of experts today for help and advice.

PTP 820E

PTP 820E

PTP 820E support multiband configurations with PTP 820C or PTP 820S and shares a single multiband antenna. Multiband configuration ...
PTP 670

PTP 670

Now with the Point-to-Point (PTP) 670 Series solution, Cambium Networks combines best-in- class spectral efficiency and reliability with high-capacity multipoint (HCMP) deployment flexibility. With up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput, PTP 670 systems let you flexibly, reliably and securely handle today’s needs.

Customer Service

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands we pride ourselves on class leading products from world renowned vendors. Minerva has all the skill sets to help partners grow their business. Being active since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of two-way radio, wireless broadband and unified communication products and solutions.