Benu Networks

Founded in 2010, Benu Networks are an industry leading software provider for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that aim to provide quality digital software for Wi-Fi, AR and VR experiences. 

As a leading global software provider, Benu Networks strive to simplify complex networks for ease of use, through their sophisticated product set and leading solutions. Benu Network’s range of products and extensive product portfolio provide a variety of software that is designed to simply complex applications, enabling easy-to-use set up, maintenance and delivery for a range of technology and software services including 5g connectivity services, VR and cloud-based applications too. 

The network’s Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG) and Trusted WAG systems ensure secure user and business access and policy control for the highest quality experience across endpoints and hotspots. This employs the subscriber with the ability to deploy throughout the network at any point, with no implications in performance or communication ability.

Benu Network services available at Minerva include:

Since 2010, Benu Networks and the company’s software solutions have had wide-scale growth, operating in global service providers across five continents including Europe, North America and Africa. Drawing on decades of industry experience, the team at Benu Networks work to revolutionise the industry, bringing innovative technology and product specifications in the development of new and existing software, including cloud-based services. 

Benu Network’s products include: 

To discuss your business needs and the implementation of products from Benu Networks, get in touch with one of our customer service team at Minerva today. 

Benu Operations  Subscriber Simulator  (BOSS)

Benu Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS)

The Benu’s Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS) from industry-leaders Benu Networks enables users to augment their businesses ...
Managed Business  Network Solution (MBN)

Managed Business Network Solution (MBN)

The Managed Business Network Solution (MBN) from industry-leaders Benu Networks provides businesses and organisations with little IT ...
Wi-Fi Access  Gateway (WAG)

Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG)

In response to the industry demand for quality, high-speed Wi-Fi, Benu Network’s have created a sophisticated user management and ...

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