Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, is an industry leader in AI, video surveillance and network management software. They provide integrated solutions for video security, access control and critical communications to businesses all over the world.

Avigilon has a vast portfolio of tailored surveillance technologies and advanced analytical solutions to maintain public safety and business security. Just some of the products they offer are high-definition video recording equipment, self-learning software, body-worn cameras and more. In addition to designing, developing, and manufacturing solutions in video analytics and security cameras, Avigilon also provide innovative Control Centre and Control Management software that enable full control and convenient surveillance access to any logged security threat.

Avigilon CCTV both ensures that businesses have the pristine level of video detail required for an effective surveillance system, and that they are equipped with self-learning software intelligence that can provide tailored security solutions.

Why Choose Avigilon Products?

Avigilon products are an excellent solution for businesses looking for high-quality, reliable, and innovative video surveillance solutions to enhance their business security. They additionally offer the quality and reliability of Motorola products with specialised design and manufacturing innovation.

Avigilon products are award-winning, installed in over 120 countries and thousands of customer sites worldwide. These products are frequently installed in a range of businesses and organisations, including schools, stadiums, retail units and more.

Avigilon Products Available At Minerva 

Avigilon products include a range of cameras, sensors and intelligence systems that provide high-quality imagery to maximise security at all times. The compatible and phased design of the Avigilon H5A products makes the switch to Avigilon surveillance far simpler than competitors.

  • H5A Camera Line
    • Advanced object detection of up to 50 moving and/or stationary objects
    • AI-powered video analytics
  • H5A Explosion Protected Camera Line
    • Monitor unstable environments
    • Certified For use in Hazardous Environments
  • H5A-PTZ Camera
    • Indoor and outdoor functionality
    • High Speed, Long Range
  • H5A Camera Corner 
    • Safe to clean
    • Easy To Repair

Get in touch with one of the team here at Minerva today to discuss which Avigilon H5A product line could provide the best security for your business.

Cameras and Sensors

Cameras and Sensors

As an award-winning global manufacturer of high-definition surveillance equipment, the Avigilon - a Motorola Solutions company - H5A ...

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