Redefining Wireless Solutions: Cambium Networks Impact on The Industrial Landscape

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July 26, 2023


"In the current evolving technological era for businesses – where connectivity reigns supreme and industries undergo transformative shifts – the importance of strong network connectivity has become paramount. Gone are the days of relying on wired connections that limit mobility and flexibility. With wireless technologies, industrial workers can access real-time critical information, communicate, and collaborate […]"
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In the current evolving technological era for businesses – where connectivity reigns supreme and industries undergo transformative shifts – the importance of strong network connectivity has become paramount. Gone are the days of relying on wired connections that limit mobility and flexibility. With wireless technologies, industrial workers can access real-time critical information, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere within a coverage area.

This wireless demand, driven by relentless industrial innovation, has redefined the boundaries of connectivity, security, and human potential. Technologies like 5G and IoT (Information of Things) immediately come to mind and have developed hand in hand with the evolution of wireless network technology. This has allowed companies to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and unlock new opportunities.

With the potential to unlock these benefits, more and more businesses are turning to wireless infrastructure providers like Cambium Networks due to a focus on high-performance innovation, large-scale connectivity, and above all, functional reliability within their product portfolio. With this in mind, just what impact has Cambium Networks had on reshaping the industrial landscape into a more connected and network-driven environment? To what extent has this reshape benefitted business clients and employees alike?

Seamless Connectivity

With such a variety of unique network requirements depending on the individual business operations, a one size fits all approach won’t work for everyone. As an example, public-serving businesses in large-scale outdoor settings will have much different network requirements compared to a small team in an indoor office space.

That’s why Cambium Networks’ portfolio is focused on environment-tailored connectivity. Take the ‘cnPilot e’ series of access points; these are built to optimize network coverage across larger and harsher outdoor operations – each featuring IP67-rated build protection. On the other hand, the Cambium ‘cnPilot r’ series is tailored for seamless connectivity within home and office-based settings.

Within each Cambium series is a category of products tailored to operate efficiently within different variations of these environments and industrial contexts.

The ‘cnPilot™ e’ series for example features products like the cnPilot™ e700 which is built with 512 clients and 32 SSIDs (effectively operating in a high-density outdoor environment), whereas the cnPilot™ e510 (while still constructed for outdoor use) functions as a smaller-scale seamless connection alternative for lower-density outdoor industrial environments.

For potentially volatile industry environments like Oil and Gas where mobility and instant real-time access to information are crucial and potentially life-saving, Cambium Networks’ solutions ensure that workers can stay connected, safe, and make informed decisions on the go.

Oil and Gas


Another reason that Cambium Networks’ Wi-Fi solutions are such a game changer is that they are entirely scalable to the growth of a business. Whether it’s the addition of new machinery, the implementation of automation systems, or the introduction of new applications and devices, Cambium Wi-Fi networks can be expanded and optimized to support new required coverage areas.

This is largely a result of Cambium Networks’ innovative cloud network control platform cnMaestro. cnMaestro provides managers with full network visibility and control over guest access portals – a highly beneficial quality for hospitality businesses that are scaling up. Another game-changing feature of the network management device is its zero-touch device provisioning setup. This allows administrators to efficiently configure and monitor a large number of access points from a single interface, potentially reducing operational costs and allowing for consistent and reliable performance across an entire Wi-Fi network.

Additionally, Cambium Networks has made significant contributions to bridging the digital divide and helping industries that operate in typically lower-signal rural areas. Recently developed devices like the PTP850E for instance are built with Adaptive Coding Modulation and Bandwidth (ACBM) technology. This dynamically adjusts the coding and modulation schemes used for each network data transmission, allowing for optimized data transfer based on the quality of the connection.

Those rural businesses that previously experienced deterioration in signal quality can now see a high transmission rate due to adaptive reductions and subsequent increases in data rate to accommodate network signal change.

PTP 850E

Industrial Automation and IoT Connectivity

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is somewhat of a new phenomenon that sees businesses automate physical objects with technology to complete traditional processes and reduce human error.

Cambium Networks cnReach platform does just that, facilitating smooth communication between machines, sensors, and control systems in industrial environments. This connectivity allows for real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and user control, leading to improved efficiency and predictive maintenance in industries such as manufacturing. This data-driven approach can optimize operations, improve decision-making, remove the potential for human error, allow the workforce to focus their time on other priority tasks, and most of which, drive innovation to gain a competitive edge.

Industrial Network Security

In an era where so much private data is shared through wireless networks, the security and protection of company information is of paramount importance. Cambium Networks have led the way in industrial network protection by prioritizing robust security to safeguard sensitive data. Devices such as the XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 compatible access point incorporate industry-leading encryption protocols like WPA3, ensuring that wireless communications are protected against unauthorized access.

Network protection is further enhanced with wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems that continuously monitor the network for malicious activities, taking automated actions to mitigate threats. Secure management interfaces, such as HTTPS and SSH, encrypt management data to prevent unauthorized access. Cambium Networks also provides ongoing security updates and patches to address emerging vulnerabilities. These robust security measures prevent unauthorized access and maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of industrial networks.

XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6

The Verdict

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the demands of the digital age it’s undeniable that Cambium Networks’ transformative wireless solutions have reshaped the industrial landscape, sparking a revolution in network connectivity across every industry. By pioneering innovative Wi-Fi network technologies, Cambium Networks have ushered in an era of unprecedented communication, efficiency, and intelligence in industrial operations. From streamlining production processes through seamless IoT integration to empowering remote companies with broadband access, its wireless solutions have facilitated the emergence of smart factories, empowered data-driven decision-making, and bolstered safety and security measures in critical infrastructures.

By investing time and money into the Cambium wireless portfolio of products, businesses can optimize their operations with specifically tailored network solutions. Minerva proudly operates as a Cambium Networks partner in order to provide the best in quality for our customers. If you’re curious about how the Cambium wireless network portfolio can improve your organizational operations, then please get in touch with our team of experts today.