Unified Communications

unified communications

Efficient and reliable communication systems

With business operations becoming increasingly flexible, global, and remote, staying connected within your business is fundamental to success. This also extends to the number of communication tools at an employee’s disposal. From IP telephony facilitating voice calls and web and video conferencing to instant and voice messaging, effective business communications between employees and clients require an expansive set of unified communication tools.

At Minerva Technologies, we distribute multiple solutions for simplified unified communications (UC). Our UC solutions ensure everyone is connected seamlessly through a fully integrated portfolio of tools. From Free PBX systems to session border controllers, our UC tools ensure everyone is connected seamlessly and efficiently in an easy-to-use system.

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The best FreePBX services stand out for their exceptional versatility, making them immensely popular across a diverse spectrum of communities, spanning from home-based enterprises and fledgling startups to multinational corporations operating on a global scale.


The PBXact phone system caters to organizations seeking a comprehensive, commercially backed, all-in-one business communication solution. It seamlessly incorporates features, appliances, and functionalities closely integrated into many of the most popular phones and endpoints on the market.

VoIP Phones

Sangoma VoIP phones are designed for hassle-free setup straight from the box. With power supplied through an Ethernet cable using the widely adopted Power over Ethernet standard, these phones eliminate the need for separate power cables or outlets. They come equipped with full duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet Ports, support for 5-way conference calls, high-definition voice quality, and the added capability of being VPN-ready.

Session Border Controllers

Business communications over various networks, which can be unreliable at times, require standardization, oversight, and protection. Ensuring different devices, carriers, and protocols work seamlessly for users demands transparent interoperability. Session border controllers play a pivotal role in converting protocols, transcoding data, preventing threats, controlling resources, and managing accounts at the periphery of both enterprise and carrier VoIP networks.

Telephony Cards

Sangoma’s acclaimed analog telephony cards are celebrated for their top-notch quality and reliability, fueling the operations of businesses worldwide that continue to depend on analog phone lines for primary access to the PSTN. Renowned for their unmatched flexibility, they stand out as the most adaptable option in the market, boasting superior compatibility with a wide range of commercially available servers and motherboards. Moreover, they are fully supported across most Linux and Windows operating systems.


Sangoma’s Vega Enterprise Gateways enable seamless integration of your current legacy infrastructure (Analog/T1/E1) with VoIP Services, offering significant cost and time savings for your business. With our VoIP Gateways seamlessly installed at your network’s edge, you can effortlessly harness the advantages of VoIP. These gateways handle call processing and necessary transcoding between SIP-TDM networks automatically, simplifying the transition.