The Motorola Solutions XT-460 radio has been carefully designed to maintain efficient professional communication through a cost-effective solution. As part of the well-regarded XT-400 series license-free radios, the XT460 operates on PMR466 unlicensed frequencies and is one of the top-selling license-free private radios.  Thanks to its expansive set of features, fast functionality, and durable design, it makes the perfect solution for businesses looking to introduce two-way communications into their day-to-day operations. Regardless of whether used in retail and hospitality, or less predictable industry environments like oil and gas, the XT-460 radios offer users unmatched professional standards and reliable communication clarity.


The XT-460 radio series has been carefully crafted to accommodate a wide range of contextual functions, helping you communicate effectively and efficiently with your team without skipping a beat.

Thanks to the 16 channels and 219 user-selectable privacy codes available with each radio, you can be assured that there will always be a crystal-clear signal. Similarly, with strong 1500 mW speakers, these radios offer crisp audio clarity and can function effectively within even the harshest of industrial environments. This is reinforced by the military-grade rugged design that is protected from strong winds, shock vibration, and dust just to name a few. Each radio also features an antimicrobial coating that prevents any mold surface damage to the radios should they be left in outdoor environments for prolonged periods of time.

For businesses looking to fully realize the benefits of private unlicensed radios, the XT-460 radio series makes for the perfect choice

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At Minerva Technologies our team always prides itself on the industry expertise we have as well as the strong relationships we hold with our two-way radio partners such as Motorola Solutions. We aim to always provide friendly and informed support to continually exceed your expectations. If you’re interested in the XT-460 unlicenced radio series but have additional questions on how they can help your business’s day-to-day, contact our team of experts today. We can help, advise, and can discuss the best mission-critical radio for your business.

Product Features


The XT-460 radios have been designed for simple accessibility for those looking to introduce two-way radio communication to business operations. Unlike alternate radios, they provide users with an easy-to-understand LED display that allows for fast operation and quick response during mission-critical scenarios. XT-460 systems also feature a tri-coloured interface that allows for easy communication of operational status updates, as well as easily programable buttons that – once customised – allow users to easily access the most used features with a simple button press.


The 1500 Mw speakers on XT-460 radios ensure team communications are clear and audible within any industrial environment.


XT-460 Radios have been designed to be a two-way communication solution that lasts. Having undergone Motorola Solutions thorough Accelerated Life Tests (ALT) that aim to simulate up to 5 years of use, each of the XT-460 radios is certified with an IP 55 rating. This means that they have met the military-grade standard for operation within harsh wind, shock vibration, and dust environments.

Product Features

  • PMR446 band, licence free communications.
  • Programmable buttons for easy access.
  • Tri-colour LED indication.
  • Enhanced audio quality with 1500mW speaker.
  • 8 Channels with 219 user selectable privacy codes.
  • IP 55 rated with MIL SD 810 C, D, E, F and G rating.
  • Handsfree operation with VOX
  • Channel Announcement customisation
  • Customer Programming Software (CPS)