XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Point

XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Point

Fully realize the potential of your next-generation network with the Cambium Networks XE3-4 Indoor Access Point. This Wi-Fi 6E AP is a tri-radio, 4×4/2×2 access point that delivers the complete performance and value that is perfect for building high-density and edge enterprise networks in industries like hospitality.

The XE3-4 Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Point is also fully backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology, making the process of switching a business’s wireless infrastructure far simpler. It enables simultaneous support of new high-speed clients, legacy clients, low-bitrate IoT devices, and more in a single wireless infrastructure.

The XE3-4 features a high speed software-defined radio that enables seamless transition to Wi-Fi 6E with the ability to easily change from dual-band to tri-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz) mode when sufficient 6 GHz clients are available. This gives businesses the flexibility to future-proof their wireless networks and take advantage of the increased capacity and performance of the 6 GHz band.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 1.8 Gbps of aggregate throughput
  • Support for up to 256 concurrent clients
  • 11ax Wave 2 technology
  • High-power 2.4 GHz radio
  • Integrated antenna
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • IP67 weatherproofing

A Valued Partner: Cambium Networks

As a proud partner of Cambium Networks, our team here at Minerva Technologies work tirelessly to help and support your enterprise connectivity. Whether it be for rural or bustling city locations the team will help ensure the right selection for you. For greater insight and to speak to one of our team about the XE3-4 Indoor Access Point, contact us today.

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Product Features

Seamless Scalability:

The XE3-4 intelligently adapts between dual-band and tri-band operation with its software-defined radio. This ensures optimal performance for a diverse range of devices, from legacy equipment to high-speed clients and low-bandwidth IoT applications, supporting up to 1500 clients and 16 SSIDs.

Cloud and On-Premises Management

he XE3-4 works seamlessly with either Cambium Networks’ XMS or cnMaestro. Whether you prefer on-site or cloud-based management, you can choose the system that best suits your team’s workflow. This flexibility empowers you to leverage the latest Cambium Networks technology without a management software overhaul.

Unleash the Power of Wi-Fi 6E

The Cambium XE3-4 boasts tri-radio functionality with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technology. Experience faster speeds, improved efficiency, and expanded capacity in the uncongested 6 GHz band, tripling your available spectrum.

Simplified Management and Deployment

Choose between local configuration or leverage cloud-based platforms for centralized control of your XE3-4 access points. This flexibility makes it perfect for distributed networks or those with limited IT resources. Plus, PoE++ compatibility allows for easy installation with a single cable for both data and power.