Wavemaker™ Pro 5G Industrial Gateway – S2000e

Wavemaker™ Pro 5G Industrial Gateway – S2000e

From factories and warehouses to ports, fleets, and smart city networks, the Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G industrial gateway S2000e provides the benefits of 5G to a wide range of enterprise networks.

This rugged, high-performance 5G industrial gateway can deliver multi-gigabit speeds, low latency, and secure, reliable connectivity to facilities and distributed operations in practically any location, from metropolitan centers to rural locations. With ethernet, USB, and I/O ports, as well as different power and mounting choices, the S2000e may be used in practically any deployment scenario.

The S2000e industrial gateway, with its unrivaled RF performance and device-to-cloud intelligence, opens the door to a plethora of new business solutions.

Product Features

1. Ultra-reliable 5G connectivity for industrial networks

The S2000e supports public and private networks worldwide. It can connect to routing systems or remote endpoints via ethernet or USB via DHCP (router mode or modem mode) to enable a broad range of use cases.

2. Continuous, 24/7 multi-gigabit connectivity

Advanced thermal management, WAN management and dual-SIM management with active keep-alive ensures your business stays connected.

3. Enterprise-grade security

Strong device security, encryption, content filtering and more.

4. Remote device management with Inseego Connect™

The S2000e supports Inseego Connect™ remote device management for individual and SMB users as well as large fleets of deployed devices.* *additional charges may apply

5. Flexible deployment and reliable failover

Avoid downtime, data usage overage charges and data speed throttling with software-controlled auto switching between two different carrier SIMs.

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