VB400 Body-Worn Camera

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Body-worn cameras are used for a variety of reasons, including leisure, professional and protection. Whatever your need for a body-worn camera, this surveillance device provides assurance and confidence, with it’s long battery life, high performance and excellent quality image.

Why should I invest in a body-worn camera?

Body-worn cameras are an excellent source of security and safety. For many, they provide crucial protection in their line of work. For others, body surveillance cameras are utilised to measure performance, such as during horse rides.

Body-worn cameras also offer law-enforcement benefits, ensuring that if an accident or incident occurs, you are covered with clear, high-quality, communicative video evidence. Body cameras are a hugely popular surveillance device that are widely used globally for this reason and have been noted to reduce crime.

Members of the emergency services often wear these devices to ensure their safety in critical environments and challenging situations.

VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Say hello to the next-generation body-worn camera VB400. This device is rugged and built to last. Designed with an extended battery life and pre/post record capture you are better prepared to take control of every situation.If you are unsure of your requirements for a body-worn camera, please get in touch with Minerva today. Our customer service experts and industry-leading vendors will have a solution to meet your business needs.

Product Features
  • WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.
  • 1080P recording.
  • File encryption.
  • Long battery life.
  • Rugged.
  • Peer assisted recording.
  • Bluetooth sensor monitoring.
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