Switchvox is a cost-effective and easy to phone system from Digium which is designed for businesses like yours. Get a fully featured unified communication system at an affordable price. Switchvox is the perfect phone system for any industry, be it in education, call center, health, retail or corporate offices. YSwitchvox is easy to manage with a simple web browser, and its intuitive GUI. Its refined structure allows your business to efficiently conduct company calls and intelligent call routing to engage effectively with co-workers and clients. You no longer have to run CLI based commands to execute a functionality or a programming script.

Product Features

Efficient Company Calls

Whether users are working in the office or at home, they are easily accessible with the Switchvox softphone application, available for iOS and Android. For example, a remote worker can access 3-Way calling, hold, transfer, extension-to-extension calling features and communicate as if they are in the office.

Web Based Administration

Switchvox does not require any additional software or license purchases to manage it. You can access the Switchvox graphical user interface simply by searching in your browser.


Through Switchvox’s advanced reporting and analytics tool, users have extensive control and easy access to their call data including outgoing and incoming calls on the fly. This statistical data can then be presented in a useful graph and report that can be used to tailor business strategy. For instance, Switchvox can determine call volume peaks and declines throughout the day; it can also determine when callers are leaving calls during an IVR.


Switchvox can be easily integrated with large number of popular apps to improve the productivity and efficiency. Here are popular integrations: Active directory/LDAP, Zendesk, Chrome, Firefox, Salesforce, Outlook, Softphones etc.