Sine Wave Series 1500W

Sine Wave Series 1500W

Innovative Circuit Technology’s Sine Wave Inverter Series 1,500W is a high-quality Pure Sine Wave inverter designed to convert DC 48V, 24V or 12 volts power source to ultra clean and reliable 115VAC or 230VAC AC power. This provides the ideal solution for larger communication sites and industrial power applications requiring greater amounts of pure sine wave AC power. This inversion is achieved not only with a 93% peak efficiency but also with a near-silent operation that reduces the overall strain on battery life.

With such a high 1,500-watt power rating, this Sine Wave Series inverter is more than capable of delivering the necessary power for a wide range of different devices and appliances. The pure sine wave output also replicates the smooth and consistent waveform of utility-grade AC power, making it compatible with sensitive electronics and ensuring efficient operation without any potential interference or damage to connected devices.

The series also offers multiple built-in protection features to safeguard connected devices and the inverter itself. These protections typically include overload protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, and low voltage alarm/shutdown, ensuring safe and reliable operation under different circumstances.

The Sine Wave Power Inverter is also built with simplified deplorability thanks to the standard flange mounts and an optional 19-inch rack-mounting kit. Form C contacts and hardwire AC connectors on the back of the inverter are standard. The Ethernet feature allows remote monitoring and control of the outputs allowing power cycling of connected AC loads.

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Product Features

Remote monitoring

Each Sine Wave 1500W model is built with a TCP/IP ethernet that allows for simple monitoring, control, and management. A user can easily access information about the device’s performance, status, and operational data from a remote location. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where the flange mount device is installed in a difficult-to-reach or hazardous location or when real-time monitoring and maintenance are essential.


When it comes down to this series of power inverters, reliability is at the forefront of production. Each device has been intricately manufactured through the qualification of all components used as well as continual testing and improvements before leaving the factory. Such attention to detail during research and development has ensured that each device is able to invert power at a 93% peak efficiency.

Clean and stable power

The Sine Wave inverter produces a pure output, replicating the quality of utility-grade AC power. This clean and stable power ensures compatibility with a wide range of sensitive electronics, including laptops, computers, audio/video equipment, and medical devices. It helps prevent issues like electrical noise, distortion, or damage to connected devices.

Key Features

  • 1500 watts of pure sine wave output
  • 12, 24, or 48 VDC input
  • 93% peak efficiency
  • Low idle current draw
  • Front AC outlets and rear AC wiring position
  • Heavy duty DC input bus bars