Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO R7 is a revolutionary two-way digital radio built to enable mission-critical communications in any, and every business setting. Unlike other two-way radios, the Mototrbo R7 is specifically built with an IP68 rugged design. This means the device is completely protected from internal dust damage and is fully watertight when submerged in liquid, making the radio the perfect choice to ensure clear communications within potentially dangerous industry environments like construction, oil and gas, and more.

Given the necessity of communication clarity for everyday business operations, the MOTOTRBO R7 also has the advantage of game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged future-ready device. This includes next-level noise canceling, loudness, and clarity in high-density and noise environments where audio communications can be challenging. In addition, each radio presents a large 2.4-inch color display that simplifies the communication process during mission-critical applications. Commonly used information like text messages, notifications, and job tickets can be viewed with a single button press.

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The term MOTOTURBO is a common misspelling for MOTOTRBO, the mission-critical two-way radios from Motorola Solutions.

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Product Features

Crystal Clear Audio

The MOTOTRBO R7 is specifically built to ensure clear audio whatever the environment. Thanks to the adaptive dual microphone noise suppression, you will always be able to hear mission-critical communications over the deafening sounds of machinery. The radio is also built with a quality loudspeaker that ensures communications are always clear and audible.

Secure Communications

While built to allow free-flowing and clear communication between teams, the MOTOTRBO R7 radio also features encryption safeguards that ensure your team communications are protected from unauthorised malicious access.

Built For Innovation

In order to meet the continually developing needs of industry communication, Motorola Solutions built the MOTOTRBO R7 with the latest Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity technologies. This keeps your team connected both now and when your systems are altered in the future.

MOTOTRBO R7 Key Features

  • Available in full display/keypad and no display/keypad options.
  • 1000 channels in FKP and 64 channels in NKP.
  • Large display (2.4 in. 320 x 240 px.)
  • Weatherproof IP 58 rated.
  • Intrinsic safe TIA-4950 option available.
  • Intelligent audio.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS option.
  • Long lasting battery.
  • Wide range of accessories.
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