For industry workers operating in potentially dangerous and volatile mission-critical environments, precautionary safety is paramount. Key to this is consistently clear and reliable team communication, allowing fast responses to threats like combustible dust and chemical vapor. The MOTOTRBO™ DP4401 Ex has been specifically designed by Motorola Solutions to maintain optimal power and performance within the harshest of environments. As a part of the MOTOTRBO series and an intrinsically safe ATEX-certified radio, the DP4401 Ex is currently one of the leading mission-critical DMR two-way radios on the market. This MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio is also complemented with the combined best in functionality and the latest in digital audio technology, allowing users to hear and be heard no matter the setting. As such, the DP4401 makes for a dependable choice for uninterrupted communication in high-risk environments.


Built to maintain workers’ safety, the MOTOTRBO DP4401 Ex radio series have been built with a range of performance features. In addition to intelligent audio that dynamically adjusts the audio to be audible in the loudest of environments, the radio provides exceptional receiver quality ensuring the most optimal of communications. In the case of an emergency, the radios also feature a lifesaving man-down signal, a GPS tracker, a reach of up to 2.5 miles, and a long battery life. This ensures that everyone is always accounted for during fast-paced operations.


While some think that MOTOTURBO is a different brand of two-way radios, it is in fact the misspelling for Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO portable two-way radios.

Proud Motorola Solutions Vendor

As a strong partner with 2-way radio manufacturer Motorola Solutions, the team here at Minerva Technologies prides itself on the ability to exceed customer requirements through our insight and expertise. If your business is interested in learning more about the MOTOTRBO DP4401 Ex and the benefits of an ATEX-certified walkie-talkie, then contact our friendly team today.

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Product Features

Built To Withstand Harsh Environments

The DP4001 Ex series has been built with the best durability features to ensure optimal communications within potentially volatile industries like Oil & Gas. As a fully rugged and durable ATEX-certified device, the IP67-rated radios are tightly protected from wind and dust conditions and can be submersed for 30 minutes in one meter of water. The MOTOTRBO system has also been subjected to Motorola’s ALT (accelerated life test) to ensure that it operates effectively after 5 years of hard use.

The Best In Audio

The MOTOTRBO radios are built to ensure optimal performance across every and all mission-critical environments thanks to the next-generation audio technology. This includes the primely positioned loud front-facing speaker and the intelligent audio capabilities which come as standard.

Safety & Security

Maintaining worker safety and communications security also play a large part in the features of the DP4001 Ex. As well as the emergency man down and GPS signals, the radios contain 3 levels of enhanced encryption meaning that confidential communications remain just that.

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