The MOTOTRBO™ DP3000e Series is a collection of Motorola industrial radios that are part of an industry-leading two-way radio series. The DP3000e series has been specifically designed by Motorola Solutions to withstand day-to-day, tough conditions in a variety of industries, including Surveillance, Retail, and general unified communications, such as in the use of construction and security.

Designed with a range of expert features that can improve your team’s productivity and safety, the MOTOTRBO DP3000e collection of two-way radios is an excellent choice regardless of business size, domestic requirement or otherwise. Often selected by industry giants as the perfect security radio, the DP3000e collection

Available in a variety of models, The DP3000e Series of Motorola industrial radios are available in a variety of models to meet your specific needs, regardless of business size or industry. For example, the expert DP3441e is a non-display radio that is perfect for basic communication needs, positioning this Motorola model perhaps as a great option for domestic cases. On the other hand, the DP3661e is a display radio that offers additional features, such as text messaging and GPS tracking, positioning this option as a great model for security and surveillance purposes.

Benefits of the MOTOTRBO DP3000e Series:

  • Improved Communication Capabilities
  • Enhanced User and Employee Safety
  • Increased Communication Efficiency
  • Reduced Business Operational Costs
  • Small and Portable
  • Models Up To 1000 Channel Capacity

The DP3000e Series includes:

DP3441e: Non-display, UHF and VHF
DP3661e: 5-line colour display, UHF and VHF

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Product Features


The DP3000e Series is a tough and compact ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radio. Its small form factor makes it conveniently portable, with an efficient short antenna that won’t get in your way. It’s tested to military standards for extreme ruggedness and is rated IP68 for almost complete immunity to dust and water.


Safeguard your staff with responsive push-to-talk technology. The prominent orange emergency button on the DP3000e Series summons help with one touch, using Transmit Interrupt to clear a channel when necessary. An integrated accelerometer senses if you’ve fallen and can automatically call for assistance.

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