The MOTOTRBO DP1400 is an entry-level and cost-effective analog/digital two-way radio by Motorola Solutions that stands as the gateway to advanced radio technology. This is because it contains all the key features that would be expected of other high-end radios including crisp ‘hear and be heard’ audio quality, far-reaching coverage, an optimized battery life to withstand all-day operations, and much more. By combining the best features with a cost-effective solution – as well as offering complete compatibility with the MOTOTRBO radio family – the DP1400 is positioned as a fantastic option to flexibly connect a growing workforce without the headache of upgrading the communication infrastructure.

No matter your operational requirements, the DP1400 offers an uncomplicated, dependable, and budget-friendly communication solution, facilitating seamless connections, coordination, and collaboration among work teams to ensure successful task completion. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge analog and digital two-way radio technology, the DP1400 is an ideal choice for individuals seeking consistent connectivity in their daily operations.


Crafted with an unwavering commitment to worker safety, the MOTOTRBO DP1400 radio series stands as a testament to innovation, blending a diverse range of performance features into its core. Among its remarkable attributes, the radio harnesses innovative digital noise-cancelling technology. This allows for loud and clear audio that filters out background sound even in the loudest of environments. The DP1400 is also built to protect workers from risk. It includes features such as lone Worker, Remote Monitoring, emergency alert, and transmit Interrupt, so you can efficiently oversee employees, give precedence to critical communications, and promptly react to any incidents.

The MOTOTRBO radio also stands out with its 32-channel capability, allowing you to fine-tune communications to match the specific needs of your workforce. Its intuitively designed interface ensures seamless control access, even for users wearing gloves. The inclusion of two programmable buttons and a diverse range of accessories provides an array of customization options to cater to every individual.

In the realm of critical communication, the DP1400 serves as your ultimate lifeline. Motorola Solutions goes beyond the ordinary, subjecting it to rigorous MIL-STD-810 testing to guarantee its resilience in the most demanding situations. What sets this radio apart is the distinctive Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), which assures that this radio is engineered to withstand many years of unforgiving field use, making it your steadfast companion in the most challenging environments.

For those who are in the process of updating from analog to digital radio systems, the DP1400 offers complete flexibility. Radio holders have access to all the benefits of a digital system, while also having analogue access to retain compatibility with the existing operational radios. When you’re ready and have begun to update your overarching radio systems to digital, all you will need is a simple software upgrade to utilise the benefits and uses of DMR.

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Product Features


Enjoy the advantages of going digital, such as enhanced voice quality, extended range, and improved battery life while preserving compatibility with your current radio equipment. Experience the flexibility to transition to the latest technology at your own comfortable pace.

Transmit Interrupt Capability (decode only)

Transmit Interrupt Capability empowers a supervisor to promptly interrupt a DP1400 user, ensuring the timely delivery of vital communication precisely when and where it’s essential.

Compatible with Radio Management Suite

Efficiently program your radios using the Radio Management tool for swift results. This tool allows you to batch-program radios to a standardized template, ensuring error-free performance optimisation.

Secure and Rigid

The DP1400 offers a comprehensive solution for secure communication, boasting 16-bit encryption to safeguard your messages from interception and ensure channel security. It also has an IP54 rating that ensures dustproof and splashproof durability in challenging environments. The radios also enhance safety for lone workers by regularly prompting them to press a button; failure to respond within a designated timeframe triggers automatic notifications to supervisors or dispatchers, ensuring rapid assistance in case of any issues.