MTS1 TETRA Base Station

MTS1 TETRA Base Station

The MTS1 TETRA base station is a small, rugged and easily deployable solution for indoor and outdoor coverage applications. Based on a new high performance hardware platform, the MTS1 not only enables diverse and rapid deployments, but also ensures that operational costs and kept to an absolute minimum.

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The MTS1 base station offers network operators a versatile coverage solution that is both inexpensive and simple to install and commission, coupled with low running costs. Its simplicity of design lends itself to a variety of new applications, such as rapid deployment and indoor coverage, enabling network operators to provide a seamless “TETRA everywhere” experience to users. With its IP66 weather resistant enclosure, lightweight and ergonomic design, the MTS1 offers a wide variety of implementation options. Whether it be for specialized indoor, sheltered, vehicle or rapid deployment, or outdoor wide area coverage applications, the MTS1 provides complete flexibility, offering tower, wall and pole mounted installation options

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