DIMETRA X Core is built for long-term performance, giving you the mission-critical communications you need for the next 15 years or more. By replacing your existing core network with DIMETRA X Core, you’ll be making a cost-effective investment to enhance and prolong the service life of your DIMETRA radio access network.

As technology evolves, so will your DIMETRA system. It features a fully scalable architecture that allows system design and expansion from one site to 5000 or more. And as your needs change, you can easily add new users or capabilities by enabling software licenses.

DIMETRA X Core consumes less energy and lowers the long-term total cost of ownership for your organisation. Not to mention offering scalable pricing, so you pay only for the capacity and capabilities you need. Based on proven DIMETRA TETRA technology and open standards, DIMETRA X Core is a secure, smart investment for your organisation’s future.

Product Features

Future Ready

With its modern architecture, DIMETRA X Core is built for the future today. It’s advanced capabilities will allow you to move easily to mobile broadband when the time is right, while protecting your investment in the radio area network. DIMETRA X Core features a software-defined core and smart interfaces, so you can expect long-term performance for the next 15 years or more. Regular DIMETRA software updates will keep your network operating at the peak of its performance and give you access to new capabilities as they’re developed. And you’ll be prepared for WAVETM push-to-talk solutions and intelligent middleware interfaces that extend voice communications and applications when TETRA and mobile broadband technologies converge.

Fully Scalable

Whether you’re operating an airport system, a regional utility or a national public safety network, you’ll enjoy the same, high levels of operational resilience, reliability, security and comprehensive feature set—giving you all the coverage, capacity, and capability you need. DIMETRA X Core features a fully scalable architecture that enables system design and expansion from one site to 5000 or more. At the same time, you can share a single system with other organisations to keep costs down. Through agency partitioning, you have the ability to share the network, while still maintaining safe, secure, and private communications.

In addition, multiple TETRA networks can be connected for mission-critical push-to-talk communications across borders. The Inter System Interface makes true collaboration possible. With international cooperation more important than ever, neighboring countries or regions can now communicate seamlessly. Whether handling border control or responding to a natural disaster, working together has never been easier.

Mission critical

Count on DIMETRA X Core for mission-critical communications. Whether it’s group and individual push-to-talk services, individual and group messaging for enhanced collaboration, dynamic team management for coordinated incident response, location tracking, or voice recording, you have the advanced services you need.

With multiple levels of resiliency and redundancy, including the ability to support geographic redundancy, you ensure performance in case of civil emergencies or natural disasters. Because for your organisation, communications failure is not an option.

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