Mobile Radio

Mobile Radio

Communications mobility is having its impact on the stalwart of the wireless communications sector – land or public mobile radio (LMR/PMR). These networks have been around for decades longer than commercial mobile phone systems. They provide the mission critical radio communications of the police, fire and other emergency first responders, and are also utilized by other non-emergency organizations.

As applications diversify and the airwaves become congested, the prospect of RF interference is the primary threat. Anything other than ‘five nines’ reliability (99.999 percent) is unacceptable for emergency communications. Both public safety and non-critical network operators need strategies and tools to manage this interference cost-effectively.

To take advantage of advanced data technologies, many analog networks are candidates for upgrading to digital systems. Such system improvements dramatically increase network capacity, assist interoperability between shared users and improve efficiency of spectrum usage. The challenge here is to deploy future-proof solutions that are optimized for total reliability and minimum cost of ownership, without disruption to existing services.

The two critical challenges of interference abatement and migration to digital networks require specific expertise and a total systems approach. Radio Frequency Systems is uniquely positioned in this regard, offering a comprehensive RF solution set for LMR/PMR scenarios.

RFS provides the full range of RF sub-system components, including a broad selection of broadband dipole antennas, and the industry’s leading range of transmission line products and accessories. In addition, RFS is recognized as a global leader in RF conditioning components – such as combiners, transmit and receive filters, receiver multi-couplers, duplexers and low-noise amplifiers – which are an integral part of LMR/PMR base station design.

RFS also designs and delivers customized interference abatement solutions. Their filtering technology innovations have led to ultra-compact and flexible components able to be retrofitted or included as integrated sub-systems in a total system design.

Radio Frequency Systems is a leader in total RF systems for LMR/PMR applications. With decades of history in this sector, RFS has the reputation for excellent reliability, robustness and system performance, plus a proven record for fast delivery and engineering support.

RFS’s superior interference mitigation strategies and tools help ensure that networks meet the performance and reliability requirements of the most demanding public safety applications. This is backed by technology that is the optimal mix of proven and cutting-edge, whether supporting analog or digital networks.

With a sharp eye on opex, RFS’ focus is on delivering RF sub-systems that are low-maintenance, future-proof and built to withstand the most hostile environments, ensuring maximum equipment life and minimum cost of ownership. These factors, coupled with the convenience and performance advantages of utilizing a single source supplier, make RFS the optimal RF choice for LMR/PMR systems.

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