The massive demand for fast and reliable communications is straining infrastructures the world over. Whether for commercial services, public safety networks or private enterprises, there is an enormous need for communication ‘superhighways’ – conduits for high volumes of voice and data traffic that can span great distances.

Because of their ease of installation and economy, wireless transmission networks are increasingly being deployed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. Wireless transmission networks founded on microwave systems are used for:

• Public and mobile backhaul
• Branch links and distribution
• Broadcast and private enterprise

Whether upgrading from analog to digital, or deploying new services, there is a pressing need for precision-engineered systems that mitigate interference and provide the flexibility to meet the capacity requirements of today – and tomorrow.

A worldwide leader, RFS meets this need by providing microwave antenna systems for wireless transmission networks. RFS strives to anticipate key industry issues – such as environmental constraints, new radiation standards and new spectrum releases – to ensure it pioneers the best solutions to meet evolving market needs. RFS offers a true end-to-end solution set including solid parabolic antennas, elliptical waveguide, connectors and accessories optimized for all popular microwave radio bands. Its microwave antenna systems offer premium electrical performance to meet the most stringent of wireless transmission network requirements.

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