Load Balancing Module

Load Balancing Module

With the Load Balancing Module from Nomadix, Internet traffic is balanced across multiple WAN/ISP connections to ensure that the traffic demands placed on HSIA are distributed based on the capability of each connection. This is of value when multiple links are used to optimize cost for Internet service, such as balancing traffic between one low-cost DSL WAN/ISP and one high-performance, high-capacity WAN/ISP. Hotels also have the option to enable tiered service reflecting the capacity of the WAN/ISP connection.

The Link Failover feature of the Load Balancing Module is designed to improve business continuity. In the event that one or more links fail, traffic is seamlessly rerouted to the remaining surviving links without missing a beat. When the failed links recover, new connections are routed toward the now-working links until a normal, balanced configuration is reached.

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Many load balancers on the market are offered as separate appliances, which can be difficult to set up. When two appliances are required, the Internet access gateway must be configured with the load balancer—a process that can lead to misalignment between the load balancer and the gateway. This, in turn, results in the load balancing features not functioning properly.

The Nomadix Load Balancing Module is an optional software module that can be easily enabled for Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) 8.2 software, making testing of additional ISP links possible in just a few minutes. By consolidating the Load Balancer within the gateway, you can rest assured that true load balancing is achieved by one appliance.

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