Inseego Connect™

Inseego Connect™

Inseego Connect™

With Inseego Connect™, deployment, remote management, and monitoring is made simple. Inseego connect is a unique offering that features a sophisticated, rich device management interface with sleek, glass screen. 

What is Inseego Connect? 

As Inseego’s latest multi-tiered configuration and monitoring platform, Inseego Connect™ is a powerful tool for large IT administrators and small enterprises to easily operate networks while maintaining peace of mind.

Inseego Connect for Businesses 

The need for connectivity solutions is growing at an exponential rate across businesses in all sectors. With a need for reliable solutions that enable flexibility, scalability, and adaptability, Inseego Connect offers businesses a unique advantage by ensuring that the deployment of these services is uninterrupted, regardless of unexpected disruption, delays, or challenging environments. 

Inseego Connect is perfect for the following businesses and organisations:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Couriers and Postal Services
  • Distributed Workforces

What are the benefits of Inseego Connect models?

Connectivity is at the heart of every business, but the scale and requirements may vary business-to-business. Despite the wide variation of needs from individual businesses, the design and deployment of Inseego Connect models ensures that all businesses needs are met. 

Benefits of Inseego Connect models include:

  • Centralised Management 
  • Informative Dashboards
  • Remote Location Monitoring
  • Streamlined Deployment

Inseego Connect Platform Versions 

Depending on your business needs, project scope or budget, there are three Inseego Connect models to choose from. 

  • Inseego Connect Basic
  • Inseego Connect Standard
  • Inseego Connect Advanced

Enquire today with our customer service team to discuss your needs, Inseego Connect options and more. 

Product Features

1. Streamlined deployment

Remotely configure device settings

2. Easy monitoring

Analyze key health metrics, track data usage and device location

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