HTTA Solutions

HTTA Solutions

Optimize base station operations with HYBRIFLEX™

Upgrading technology, reducing operating expenditures (OPEX) and decreasing CO2 emissions at cellular sites are constant challenges for operators around the globe. Distributed base station architectures allow operators to address these challenges by installing the RF filter and power amplifier of a base station next to the antenna on a tower or rooftop rather than at the tower bottom or a building basement where old-style macro base stations are typically located, thus creating Remote Radio Units (RRUs).

But installing RRUs close to antennas requires operators to extend data transmission, power and grounding cables to the RRU on the tower or rooftop. This can be a costly and complicated effort. The long life reliability of the cabling solution needs carefully considered to secure smooth operation of the network.

HYBRIFLEX™, a revolutionary RRU hybrid feeder cabling solution, which combines optical fiber and DC power in a single corrugated cable. RFS offers two families of HYBRIFLEX™, the standard line, designed for general applications together with Distribution Boxes or DC and F/O jumpers or HYBRID Connectors to bridge the last mile, and the direct line, for applications requiring a direct interconnection (without interruptions) between base band unit and power supply on one site and the RRU on the other.

DC-FIT™, the world’s first DC converter solution, which features innovative new technology that turns existing coaxial feeders into RRU power supplies.

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