A cost-effective, viable alternative to fiber and the key to creating the fastest, most reliable and secure private wireless broadband network.

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Product Features

Expand Your Existing Networks

With HotPort 7000, you can expand the reach of your existing networks while adding a variety of fixed and mobile applications:

  • City-wide video surveillance
  • Traffic management and intelligent transportation systems
  • Mobile Network Infrastructure for mobile city workers
  • Wireless broadband for underserved areas

Easier Deployments & Network Management

Unlike wired networks, where deployment is cumbersome, the self-forming nature of the Firetide mesh network ensures rapid deployment of large-scale networks. The HotPort 7000 mesh features integrated spectrum analysis, network capacity planning and antenna alignment tools for easier deployments and network management.

Higher Reliability

The HotPort 7000 nodes form a multi-point to multi-point ad hoc wireless mesh network with no single point of failure. HotPort 700 supports the ethernet direct feature which enables the capablility of providing a dynamic wireless backup of the network in case of a failure in a wired network.

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