HotPort 5020 brings cost-effective reliable connectivity solutions to the edge of Firetide’s core wireless infrastructure portfolio.

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Product Features

Reliable, Cost-effective Infrastructure Solution

Operators can now use HotPort 5020 to connect their edge devices onto existing Firetide mesh infrastructure networks in a cost-effective manner. The 5020 infrastructure node provides an optimum balance between cost and performance for data connectivity applications such as ITS, sensor back-haul, Wi-Fi/last mile backhaul, etc. The complete spectrum of the HotPort 5020 infrastructure nodes include:

  • HotPort 5020-M: Advanced security, reliability and connectivity with 25 Mbps of usable throughput.
  • HotPort 5020-E: Reliable, costeffective edge connectivity on the boundary of a core Firetide mesh network, delivering real usable throughput of 25 Mbps.
  • HotPort 5020-LNK: A rapid deployable, easy-to-use point-to-point solution with 50 Mbps of actual usable throughput.
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