HF Defense Systems

HF Defense Systems

For decades, high-frequency (HF) systems have provided the communications hotline for defense forces and civilian groups around the world. With communications hops of up to 4,000 kilometers, HF systems continue to be a vital component of large-scale installations, and critical for rapid, ever-shifting deployments.

Voice communications have long been the primary focus. But with digital technologies gaining ground, transmitting tactical data via HF systems is an attractive prospect that raises important questions for the personnel responsible for critical communications networks.

Military and emergency-response groups are faced with the need to upgrade their infrastructure to keep maintenance costs under control and ensure the system is future-proof for migration to digital technology. Radio Frequency Systems’ capabilities are among the most advanced in the world for enhancing existing systems and creating both standard and customized HF and tactical antennas.

With a strong focus on improving system performance through innovative product design, RFS serves major defense groups, government organizations and system integrators across the globe. RFS’ highly qualified team of engineers, technical officers and technicians are engaged in a continuous R&D program, designing and adapting HF and tactical products at the cutting edge of modern technology.

RFS’ base range of broadband HF antennas includes more than 18 different designs. These are combined with a leading transmission line range, which includes the world’s only 8 and 9-inch air-dielectric coaxial cables, to provide a comprehensive mix of flexible solutions that will adapt to any situation. RFS prides itself on its ability to work closely with customers in engineering a tailored HF antenna solution to meet the client’s specific needs. Whether part of an upgrade or a new deployment, every component can be fully custom-designed and optimized for a specific application.

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