FlexPort® μWave

FlexPort® μWave

Ultra High Capacity Microwave Links for High Bandwidth Applications

The FlexPort μWave family of microwave radio systems has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of operators, carriers, and service providers requiring full-rate gigabit connectivity in a single,compact, all-outdoor enclosure.

FPμWave is available in two configurations yielding ultra high capacity connectivity:The -1000 model uses 256QAM and one 150 MHz (18 & 23 GHz) or 160 MHz (24 GHz) channel to yield 1000 Mbps full-duplex transmissions. For environments where a single 150/160 MHz channel cannot be utilized, the -700 model uses 64QAM and three 50 MHz (18 & 23 GHz) channels to provide 700 Mbps full-duplex transmission.

Product Features


• Full-duplex gigabit Ethernet or 700 Mbps transmission depending on configuration
• Internal 5-port gigabit Ethernet switch supports jumbo frames up to 10,000 bytes
• Low latency for fiber-equivalent performance
• Innovative RF channel aggregation yields true GigE throughput (-1000 model)
• Adaptive Rate Modulation mitigates rain fade conditions
• Low power consumption
• Direct DC feed or PoE with external injector
• HTTPS and RADIUS access security
• Optional FIPS-Certified 256-bit AES Encryption

Ease of Use:

• All-outdoor design
• Field-pluggable SFPs available with multi-mode, single mode, or copper interfaces
• Web based & SNMP management