TV & Radio

TV & Radio

The global broadcast industry is one of the most dynamic environments on the planet. Widespread migration to digital broadcasting and emerging mobile platforms present an enormous commercial opportunity—but also demand a unique breed of solutions.

Broadcasters, wireless communications companies, transmission site owners, broadcast consultants and transmitter equipment vendors (OEMs) require a variety of RF solutions that can simultaneously optimize and minimize capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), utilize existing site assets, ensure availability of existing services, provide future capacity and flexibility, and support the convergence of broadcast and mobile industries.

Radio Frequency Systems® (RFS) offers broadcast solutions based on 40 years of design and development experience. Its leadership in the sector is underpinned by clear differentiators:

  • The most comprehensive range of end-to-end broadcast systems on the market, with solutions for FM radio, VHF and UHF TV, and the emerging L-band.
  • A holistic design approach that ensures that every system is optimized for the best possible performance, reliability and minimum total cost of ownership.
  • A demonstrated commitment to R&D, which is at the source of many breakthroughs in digital antenna and RF combiner technology.

Since no two networks are identical, RFS is primed to provide the widest possible range of options. Its market-leading range of end-to-end broadcast solutions encompasses all RF equipment from the output of the transmitter to the antenna. This provides the optimum blend of hybrid solutions, channel combining, system upgrades/replacements and power handling. RFS is indisputably the world leader in tailored broadband antenna systems—your unrivaled partner at the broadcast frontier.

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