cnPilot R190W

cnPilot R190W

Cloud Managed Home Router for ISPs

As part of Cambium Networks unique series of cnPilot business and home wi-fi access points, the cnPilot R190W has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer by improving the quality of Wi-Fi connectivity and service offered by Internet Service Providers (ISP). One issue facing ISP’s is that the majority of current home routers remaining unmanaged and unmaintained by the homeowner. This leads to a large number of customer complaints of “poor internet connectivity” and home router security risks, costing additional money for the ISP to service these complaints and even leading to a loss of custom.


The cnPilot R190W removes these costs and concerns by offering a fully flexible, licence free, and cost-effective entry-level router for internet service providers. Thanks to the utilisation of Cambium Networks own cloud CNMaestro and eZview cloud-based network management tools, ISP’s can easily view, manage and upgrade network performance. Such a tool allows for fast and effective troubleshooting of the cnPilot R190W should the customer be presented with an issue – all reducing site visits for the ISP and making life far simpler for the customer. Thanks to the cnPilot R190W inbuilt IPV6 internet protocol, internet service providers can also provide customers with increased device connectivity, improved performance, security and simplified network configuration.

Proud Cambium Networks Vendor

We here at Minerva are proud of the relationship we have built with Cambium Networks and how this allows us to consistently meet customer demands. If your organisation is interested in the cnPilot R190W series of routers and have questions on how they can benefit your customers, then get in touch with our qualified experts today.

Product Features

As part of the Cambium Networks Wi-Fi Portfolio, the cnPilot R190W is offers a wide range of benefits for internet service providers to present to their customers:

  • Enhanced customer service and reduced ISP costs thanks to the cloud based remote monitoring capabilities. ISP’s can easily track and manage customer inventory, enabling fast troubleshooting and customer support.
  • ISP’s also have the flexibility to sell or lease the cnPilot R190W as they choose, driving a new line of revenue and a rapid return on investment.
  • The cnPilot R190W offers advanced Security Features such as the inbuilt IPV6 and WPA3 encryption and intrusion detection which help keep the network protected from any threats.
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