cnPilot R190V

cnPilot R190V

Cloud Managed Home Router with ATA

The IPV6 capable R190V is ideal for cost-conscious service providers seeking a standard, entry level home router with cutting edge cloud management and robust features. The R190V can be remotely configured, monitored, and upgraded, and offers in-home client insights that make troubleshooting a breeze – all reducing the ISP’s need for site visits.

Product Features

The R190V gives service providers more options enabling them to:

• Enhance customer satisfaction by offering standardized SP- validated and managed indoor home routers that connect users to the internet rapidly and efficiently.

• Sell or lease the R190V as the ISP provided and managed home router. The ATA port enables ISPs to provide Voice-over-IP phone service, creating a new line of revenue for the ISPs

• Reduce service call costs with client visibility via cnMaestro with the ezView tool. Track and manage customer inventory, and see attached clients and RSSI information remotely – enabling fast customer support.

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