cnPilot™ e430 Indoor

cnPilot™ e430 Indoor

802.11ac wave 2, Indoor wall plate

The cnPilot™ e430W Enterprise class indoor Wall Plate access point supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 Standards based beamforming, is perfect for hotels and resorts (Hospitality), multidwelling units (MDUs) or just about any place indoor that needs a discrete wall mounted AP with multiple GigE ports to drive Indoor Wi-Fi and wired port network access managed.

Product Features

Controller Managed + Autonomous

Managed by Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud controller or on-premises controller, the cnPilot e430 management includes:

  • Zero touch onboarding
  • Inventory tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Mass Configuration
  • Dashboard views with Alarms
  • Mass upgrade
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hierarchical device organization

Controller-less Roaming. Powerful Simplicity

The E410 supports seamless roaming for up to 1,000 clients without needing a controller in the network! Hotspot portal hosting on the AP itself offers controller-less simplicity.

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