cnMaestro c4000 Appliance

cnMaestro c4000 Appliance

Cambium Networks cn4000 Controller Appliance provides the ability for businesses to manage both small and large scale communications. This model is suitable for regional, national and global scalability, with the ability to support up to 50 access points, up to 10,000 clients and up to 200 managed devices.

The cn4000 Controller Appliance prioritises quick and easy deployment of wireless broadband services. The model also includes on premise control and the ability to monitor performance, which positions the model as ideal for businesses including:

  • Hotels
  • Dormitory-style Housing
  • Enterprise networks
  • The Medical Defence Union

The controller supports a range of products, including:

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Product Features

Multi-admin Role based Access control

Manage admin privileges to monitor and/or set network and device configuration

Help Desk Troubleshooting Tools

Remote packet capture Initiate interference and noise floor scan for any AP