Cable Solutions

Cable Solutions

RFS offers a comprehensive transmission line portfolio to fit every need.

Its corrugated CELLFLEX® and CELLFLEX® Lite duo — the most advanced transmission line family in the industry — are foam dielectric copper or aluminum cables that combine remarkable flexibility with high strength and superior electrical performance. This premium transmission line family is backed by a complete line of accessories common to both the copper and aluminum products, including the renowned OMNI FIT™ connector range. CELLFLEX cables provide a reliable and technically superior solution when used as backbone feeders in cellular radio systems, including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, PDC and LTE, as well as WIMAX. Other common uses for the CELLFLEX family include the cabling of antenna arrays, radio equipment interconnections and jumper assemblies. 19 unique CELLFLEX types, ranging in size from 1/8” to 2-1/4”, provide users a perfect match for the most complicated and demanding applications.

RFS’ world-leading HELIFLEX® air-dielectric coaxial transmission line is fast and easy to install, with maximum site toughness and flexibility. Available in a wide range of sizes (3/8-inch to 9-inch diameter), HELIFLEX® supports all analog and digital television, radio, and mobile television/ media applications. HELIFLEX®’s electrical performance is unsurpassed, delivering consistently low VSWR across the entire broadcast band, and low attenuation performance; moreover, it is one of the few flexible feeder cables that can support the high-power requirements of multiple broadcast services.

RFS recently developed HYBRIFLEX™, the world’s first lightweight aluminum hybrid feeder cabling solution for RRH. It allows operators to connect up to three sectors with a single composite optical fiber and power cable with the grounding function incorporated in the cable. With this revolutionary RRH hybrid feeder cabling solution, RFS has become the first company to combine optical fiber and DC power for RRHs in a single lightweight aluminum corrugated cable. RFS’ patented solution reduces cabling expenditures, provides for easy installation and boosts operational efficiency, enabling mobile operators to evolve their networks while limiting power consumption and carbon footprint at cellular sites.

RFS’ new CELLFLEX Factory-Fit Jumper Cables feature a unique soldered-on connector for today’s high-performance wireless systems. The connector design and manufacturing process has been optimized to produce premium VSWR and PIM levels for mobile communication systems.

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