BreadCrumb® Drone Module

BreadCrumb® Drone Module

Until now, primitive radio systems with little to no payload versatility have limited drone flight times and distances. This has placed unwanted restrictions on the communications required to support business-class applications. Current radio control and Wi-Fi technologies do not provide the communications capabilities or functionality needed to deliver the benefits that industrial and business users require from drone operations.

Leveraging the power of Rajant’s industry-leading Kinetic Mesh® technology, a radio module was developed that can be attached to a single drone or to a fleet of drones to deliver reliable, secure broadband communications.

How does it work?

This game-changing solution, Rajant’s BreadCrumb® drone module, is powered by InstaMesh®, Rajant’s patented software and firmware that directs the continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless connections. Offering military-grade security, the breadcrumb drone offers scalability, strong cryptographic options and GPS tracking capabilities.


  • Extremely Lightweight and Easily Portable
  • High Scalability – Up To 20 drones


  • Support For 4K Video Recording

The Rajant Breadcrumb Drone comes with 100:1 compression via H.265.

  • Multiple Transceiver Configurations

This enables unmatched reliability, redundancy, and diversity.

  • Multiple Radio Frequencies:

This helps to mitigate interference and congestion, ensuring clear and precise communications.

  • High Bandwidth Capabilities

Perfect to enable smooth use of mobile data, voice, and video applications.

  • Self-configuring Operation

This feature enables fast and easy deployment to reach maximum communications potential.

  • Distributed Ethernet Communications

This feature forefronts flexibility: no access point or central controller is needed.

Product Features
  • Extremely lightweight and easily portable
  • High scalability – up to 20 drones
  • Support for 4K video recording with 100:1 compression via H.265
  • Multiple transceiver configurations – unmatched reliability, redundancy, and diversity