Benu Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS)

Benu Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS)

The Benu’s Operations Subscriber Simulator (BOSS) from industry-leaders Benu Networks enables users to augment their businesses wireless broadband networks, analytics and targeted KPIs for ease of use, communication ease and maximum efficiency.

The BOSS was designed to predict, manage and rectify network operations in a variety of real-world scenarios, ensuring high quality efficiency at all times, with the ability to pinpoint diagnostic issues and identify any key performance issues so that optimisation can happen in real time to mitigate user costs.

The BOSS can be deployed through two Benu Network’s options:

    ·   XMeg Hardware – High Performance Hardware Deployment
    ·   VMeg Hardware – Virtual Multiservice Edge Gateway

Product Features

Real-Time Subscriber KPIs

• Provides critical insights on the user experience to monitor service level agreements (SLAs)”

Intuitive UI

• Intuitive operator dashboard for easy navigation, predictive modeling and reporting
• Out of the box tool ensures a quick and effortless installation

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