P25 System Customized for Smaller-Scale Missions

The ASTRO 25 Express system from Motorola Solutions presents a streamlined solution tailored for smaller missions, delivering efficient and cost-effective P25 voice communication.

Swiftly deployed as a single-site system, it offers the flexibility to expand seamlessly within the ASTRO 25 ecosystem as operational demands evolve.

ASTRO 25 Express offers a modular configuration tailored to suit diverse operational needs, making it an ideal choice for organisations seeking a reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient P25 voice communication solution. When you want to incorporate additional sites, data, IP consoles, and other features, simply link up with an ASTRO 25 core.

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Product Features

Product Features

The ASTRO 25 Express System configuration is modular and can include:

Rapid Deployment

  • ASTRO 25 Express is designed for quick deployment, minimising the need for extensive field support and system engineering.

Scalable Architecture

  • Seamlessly connect to the ASTRO 25 Core to augment functionality, including additional sites, integration, IP consoles and more.

Enhanced Security

  • Configured for single-site operation, ASTRO 25 Express meets stringent security requirements, guaranteeing confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Performance Monitoring

  • Benefit from comprehensive performance management features, including over-the-air monitoring and performance reporting.

Wireless Consoles

  • Enable dispatch communication with a variety of wireless console options, providing flexibility and mobility for operational control.

Voice Communications

  • Mission-critical voice communications for critical response.

Self-Contained System

  • Shipped directly from the factory with minimal field and system engineering support required.

Single Site Configuration

  • Designed to meet a customer’s security needs for confidentiality, integrity and availability.