APX™ 7000XE

APX™ 7000XE

The APX 7000XE P25 radio series has been carefully designed to provide communication clarity for first-time responders that ensures everyone is aware of the updated of the latest situation developments. While traditional 2-way radio systems can be an optimal choice within less volatile industry environments, they are rarely built to withstand unique environmental conditions like storms and earthquakes where communications simply can’t fail.

Thanks to the radios exceptional audio technologies, rugged/weatherproof design, and seamless on-demand interoperability, these radios act as a lifeline to those who deal with split-second life and death situations. The 7000XE practicality however also extends to frontline workers working in harsher industry environments like Oil and Gas and construction.

Designed by Motorola Solutions, the APX™ 7000XE is one of the most advanced, ultra-rugged, and best mission-critical radios on the market.


The P25 APX 7000XE series of radios are distinctly designed with a unique set of features that make it the perfect communication tool to use within mission-critical settings.

Given the necessity for crystal clear audio within emergency settings, the radios are built with audio technology at the forefront. This is thanks to the innovative project 25 phase 2 technology and dual microphone design, voices are both captured at twice the capacity, and background noises are suppressed within the harshest of environments. The radio also comes with a state of the art speaker grill design that provides greater protection from water damage.

The APX 7000XE two-way radio additionally has been built with unique advanced controls tailored to mission critical scenarios. This includes a strong and easy to grip structure, large glove friendly controls, accidental activation prevention, an easy-to-read display for all conditions, and more.

Proud Motorola Solutions Distributor

At Minerva we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and the relationship we hold with two-way radio producers Motorola Solutions. We thrive on our ability to provide friendly and informed support while exceeding customer expectations. If you’re interested in the APX™ 7000XE radio series but want to understand more about how it can benefit your mission-critical communications, contact our team of industry experts today. We will help, advise, and can discuss the best mission critical radios for your business.

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Product Features

The APX™ 7000XE is a multi-band option that can be tailored for use within a variety of environments and scenarios within an industry. The P25 radio can be switched between a 700-800 MHz frequency range, a very high frequency (VHF), UHF Range 1, and UHF Range 2 frequency range bands.

Trunking standards supported:

The radio also supports both Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 System Configuration, allowing for seamless transitions for businesses looking to update to digital communications. Additionally, the radio boasts a narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver that allows for communication flexibility that can operate within different mission-critical scenarios (6.25 kHz equivalent / 12.5 kHz / 30 kHz / 25 kHz).

Advanced Features list

  • Embedded digital signalling from the ASTRO & ASTRO 25 technologies.
  • Integrated GPS capabilities should individuals fail to respond in mission critical scenarios.
  • Innovative wideband scanning
  • Intelligent and responsive lighting to weather
  • Radio profiles
  • Additional Expansion slot
  • Removable Micro SD memory card
  • User Customisable voice announcements
  • MIL-STD-810C, D, E, F and G certified
  • Ships standard, FM Certified and Rugged
  • Yellow and green coloured housing options
  • Remote Speaker Microphone for high performance in extreme environments.

Superior audio features:

  • Extreme Audio Profile
  • 1W high audio speaker
  • Dual speakers (model 3.5 only)
  • Dual-sided 2-microphone with noise cancelling technology

Optional Features:

  • Mission Critical Wireless
  • Enhanced encryption capability
  • Programming Over Project 25 (POP25)
  • Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)
  • Easy Access Text Messaging
  • Man Down functionality.
  • Utilises Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista Customer Programming Software (CPS)
  • Supports USB communications
  • Built in FLASHport™ support
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