WLAN solutions including controller base Wi-Fi, billing gateway, network optimizers, cloud base guest portal and services.

Our Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solutions offer businesses the next-generation levels of network access and control required to meet employee and customer demands whatever they need. Our WLAN portfolio presents reliable, versatile, consistent, simple, and durable network solutions. Indeed, unlike alternative network solutions which fail to meet the size, location, security, and network control needed to optimize network usage, our WLAN solutions can be tailored to your business’s specific requirements. Thanks to the wireless systems, whether using high usage busy indoor spaces or expansive and windy outdoor spaces there will be an option available.

Using the latest technology from our award-winning partners Cambium Networks, Nomadix and RoamingIQ, we distribute everything you need when optimizing for your business. From indoor and outdoor access points and bandwidth billing management gateways to LAN switches and cloud-controlled guest portals and services, our flexible options reduce the need for a traditional wireless connection, providing the opportunity to upscale your network with the progress and size of your business.

Proud WLAN Solutions Vendor

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands, our team of qualified experts can help advise on the most effective WLAN solutions for your specific organizational requirements. Contact our friendly Minerva team today for help and advice.

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  • cnMaestro c4000 Appliance

    , Cambium Networks cn4000 Controller Appliance provides the ability for businesses to manage both small and large scale communications. This model is suitable for regional, national and global scalability, with the...Add To Quote
  • cnMatrix™ EX1000 & EX2000 Series

    , The Cambium Networks cnMatrix™ EX1000 & EX2000 Series are a family of fully managed Ethernet switches that offer a high-performance, feature-rich solution for enterprise networks. The switches are available in...Add To Quote
  • cnMatrix™ TX1000 and TX2000

    , Cambium Networks cnMatrix™ TX1000 and TX2000 series are fully managed, enterprise-grade Ethernet switches that offer a cloud-managed, high-performance, feature-rich solution. The cnMatrix series delivers full Layer 2 and Layer 3...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot e502S

    , IP67 802.11ac 30° Outdoor Narrow Sector Access Point Perfect for very high density applications such as Stadiums, High density event coverage,Public Wi-Fi in high noise environments or narrow aisle coverage...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ E410 Indoor

    , The compact low profile 802.11ac Wave 2 Multiuser MIMO (MU-MIMO) beamforming, high speed E410 Enterprise access point future proofs your Indoor access point deployments and is perfect for Schools, Indoor...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ e425

    , The Cambium Networks cnPilot™ e425H enterprise class indoor wall plate access point supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 standards based beamforming, is perfect for hotels and resorts, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) or just...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ e430 Indoor

    802.11ac wave 2, Indoor wall plate The cnPilot™ e430W Enterprise class indoor Wall Plate access point supporting 802.11ac Wave 2 Standards based beamforming, is perfect for hotels and resorts (Hospitality),...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ E501S

    , Perfect for high density applications and longer range coverage across Enterprise campuses, Public Wi-Fi, Hospitality, Educational institutions, Industrial campuses or just about any demanding outdoor environment requiring cost-effective, controller managed...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ E501S Outdoor Sector

    , The cnPilot E501S is Cambium Networks’ enterprise-tier external access point that has been distinctively designed to offer a simplified network solution within traffic-heavy outdoor environments. This cost-effective solution allows service...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ e505

    , Enterprise grade 802.11 Wi-Fi access in outdoor high-density networks. Ideal for 360-degree coverage in Public Wi-Fi, Hospitality, Enterprise Small form factor hides easily. 802.11AC Capabilities 802.11a/b/g/n/AC wave 2, 2×2:2:2, MIMO,...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ E510

    , Enterprise grade 802.11 Wi-Fi access in outdoor high density networks. Ideal for 360 degree coverage in Public Wi-Fi, Hospitality, Education campus, Industrial and Enterprise. 802.11ac Capabilities 802.11a/b/g/n/AC wave 2, 2×2:2:2,...Add To Quote
  • cnPilot™ E600 Indoor

    , Gigabit 802.11ac wave 2 dual band 4×4 Indoor access point The High powered, Gigabit speed, beamforming, Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) 802.11ac wave 2 E600 access point with a 4×4 array antenna...Add To Quote
  • cnWave 5G Fixed Wireless Solution

    , Cambium Networks’ cnWave 5G Fixed Wireless Solution is a purpose-built, high-speed, low-latency solution that delivers gigabit-per-second speeds to businesses and consumers in urban, suburban, and rural areas. The solution is...Add To Quote
  • EG 3000

    , EG 3000 is a mid-range bandwidth management gateway ideal for value-driven, visitor-based networks (VBNs). With four configurable WAN/LAN copper ports and support for up to 3000 devices, the EG 3000...Add To Quote
  • EG 3000L

    , EG 3000L is a mid-range bandwidth management gateway ideal for value-driven, visitor-based networks (VBNs). With four configurable WAN/LAN copper ports and support for up to 500 devices, the EG 3000L...Add To Quote
  • EG 6000

    , EG 6000 is ideal for mid-to-large venues where support for thousands of simultaneous mobile devices is a must. It’s a high-performance internet Edge Gateway that enables the creation of high-speed...Add To Quote