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Wireless MESH

A wireless mesh network is a communications network created through the connection of wireless radio nodes organised in a mesh topology. Wireless mesh networking allows people living in rural areas to connect their networks together.

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  • BC|Commander

    BC|Commander is Rajant’s feature-rich monitoring and management application for wireless mesh networks built with Rajant BreadCrumb wireless devices. The software helps you configure, monitor, and manage individual BreadCrumbs or groups...Add To Quote
  • BC|Enterprise

    Together BC|Enterprise and BC|Commander® offer a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for your Kinetic Mesh® network, providing both historical and real-time information for efficient network diagnostics and troubleshooting. BC|Enterprise delivers...Add To Quote
  • BreadCrumb® Drone Module

    Until now, primitive radio systems with little to no payload versatility have limited drone flight times and distances. This has placed unwanted restrictions on the communications required to support business-class...Add To Quote
  • rajant dx2 600

    BreadCrumb® DX2

    The DX2 is Rajant’s smallest and lightest BreadCrumb, forming a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems. It is ideal for Lightweight Autonomous Vehicles.Encased in magnesium, it...Add To Quote
  • rajant wireless solutions

    BreadCrumb® ES1

    , The BreadCrumb ES1 is an IP67 Kinetic Mesh network device intended for use in IIoT applications and light-duty vehicles. This portable mesh network node contains two transceivers with up to...Add To Quote
  • rajant hawk

    BreadCrumb® Hawk Series

    , The Hawk is a high-performance, dual-radio industrial-grade, wireless Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb. Infused with Rajant’s patented InstaMesh protocol, the Hawk offers higher throughput with enhanced security performance using 256QAM, 80 MHz channels,...Add To Quote
  • BreadCrumb® JR3

    The Rajant BreadCrumb JR3 is a wireless device that forms a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems. This portable, wireless mesh network node contains one transceiver...Add To Quote
  • rajant km3

    BreadCrumb® KM3

    , The BreadCrumb® KM3 is a non-ruggedized version of Rajant’s ME4 which is intended for deployment inside pre-existing outdoor NEMA enclosures. KM3 has all of the same ME4 performance, capabilities, and features...Add To Quote
  • BreadCrumb® LX5

    , The BreadCrumb LX5 is Rajant’s premier BreadCrumb solution and is recommended for building and expanding core mesh infrastructures. With the most transceivers and antenna ports, this system is engineered to...Add To Quote
  • BreadCrumb® ME4

    , The BreadCrumb ME4 is a mid-level BreadCrumb solution and is an ideal alternative for adding wireless infrastructure and mobile nodes into existing network. This system can be deployed in a...Add To Quote
  • BreadCrumb® ME4, Model 2450R-C1D2

    The BreadCrumb® ME4, model 2450R-C1D2 meets all standards for operations in Class 1, Division 2 (C1D2) Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) environments. This compliance indicates that the ME4, 2450R-C1D2 is intrinsically safe...Add To Quote
  • rajant breadcrumb peregrine

    BreadCrumb® Peregrine Series

    , , The BreadCrumb Peregrine FE1-2255B is a high-performance, quad-radio industrial-grade, wireless Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb. Infused with Rajant’s patented InstaMesh protocol, the Peregrine offers higher throughput with enhanced security performance using 256QAM,...Add To Quote
  • huntsman 600

    Huntsman© Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB

    Huntsman is a National Security Agency (NSA) certified Suite B Cryptographic High Value Product for Secret and Below applications. It integrates Rajant InstaMesh® technology and a powerful cryptographic engine to...Add To Quote
  • SlipStream

    , The Rajant SlipStream is a wired BreadCrumb® that provides a high-throughput interface between your wired network and your Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network. With SlipStream’s high-speed processor, your data can traverse...Add To Quote
  • HOTPOINT 5000

    , HotPoint 5000 Wireless Access Point – A modular access solution for large scale, indoor and outdoor wireless mesh networks; full network integration while permitting independent physical placement provides optimal accessibility...Add To Quote
  • HOTPORT 5020

    , HotPort 5020 brings cost-effective reliable connectivity solutions to the edge of Firetide’s core wireless infrastructure portfolio.Add To Quote