The PBXact UC range business communication platform created by Sangoma offers your business an all-in-one communications solution with which to succeed. Based upon the open-source FreePBX system, PBXact hardware systems have been designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind.

Thanks to its advanced integration capabilities, the zero-touch installation process will automatically detect, and easily function with already purchased Sangoma IP Phones. Similarly, the PBXact communication platform is optimized for all forms of business communications. Whether you’re working in an office, from home, or on the go, PBXact will seamlessly switch from Desktop to the phone without losing unique features like call recording and extension reports. For those looking to sell customers a telephony service, PBXact can even be licensed as software and provide customers with a telephony service.

Check out our Sangoma PBXact ranges and find the best solution for your communication needs.

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