Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Performance and reliability

Innovative Circuit Technology’s (ICT) Pure Sign Wave series of watt Inverters are skilfully engineered to convert your industrial telecommunication DC power to cleaner and ultra-efficient AC power. Each Sine Wave inverter is tailor-made for use within both standalone applications as well as larger network communication and industrial power applications requiring 1500W of pure sine wave AC power. With this, you can be assured that your industrial power requirements will be consistently met.

With a highly compact design, the Pure Sine Wave devices are also built for efficiency as well as security, utilizing a TCP/IP Ethernet that allows effective remote monitoring of voltage transfer as well as the ability to remotely conserve power with the integrated HTML web server and SNMP protocols. This enables secure over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit protection. They also function as transformers and increase the input voltage to form a greater output voltage. For businesses that require an efficient and reliable DC to AC power inverter, the Sine Wave Series will exceed all your power needs.

Proud Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) vendor

Our ICT Pure Sine Wave Inverters prioritize efficiency as well as security, ensuring that your DC to AC power inversion requirements is met. To discuss your business’s power inversion requirements, contact one of our customer service representatives today at Minerva.

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