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Advanced System Power Solutions

Our advanced power systems provide highly effective telecom power solutions for businesses to run efficiently and with the necessary backup solutions. Given the times, hours, and locations where Telecommunications are required, a 24/7 power supply with critical power protection, system remote access and backup availability is a necessity. Using the latest technology from our partner Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT), our power solutions are tailored to meet your exact business telecommunication requirements while providing the best value and lowest cost of ownership.

From Pure Sine Wave Inverters that enable the efficient remote monitoring of critical, uninterruptable AC power, to Battery Chargers with power management systems, we distribute only the best telecom power solutions from our partners. Our power systems are also built with safety at the forefront. They are tailored to telecommunications industry guidelines and certified by industry safety regulators. Many products are RoHS-certified, meaning they have been independently accepted as meeting recognized ‘hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment’ regulations.

Whether for public emergency services or private network operators, our product selection can be tailored to your telecommunication requirements.

Proud Innovative Circuit Technology vendor

Deciding on the most effective telecom power solution is one of the most fundamental elements of effective and efficient business telecommunications. While choosing the right power solution can be a challenge, Minerva is a proud partner of ICT and will provide a unique solution to your business’s power needs. If you’re interested in choosing an advanced power solution for your business but not sure where to start, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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