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  • Inseego Connect™

    Inseego Connect™ With Inseego Connect™, deployment, remote management, and monitoring is made simple. Inseego connect is a unique offering that features a sophisticated, rich device management interface with sleek, glass...Add To Quote
  • Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Indoor Router – FG2000e

    FG2000e indoor router has a dual SIM, which is extremely useful for switching between SIMs based on signal strength, data usage, service availability, and quality. Its multi-carrier firmware enables the...Add To Quote
  • Wavemaker™ Pro 5G Industrial Gateway – S2000e

    From factories and warehouses to ports, fleets, and smart city networks, the Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G industrial gateway S2000e provides the benefits of 5G to a wide range of enterprise networks....Add To Quote
  • Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Outdoor CPE – FW2000e

    The Inseego FW2000 series outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) extends the reach of carrier networks by using high-gain directional antennas to provide 5G fixed wireless connectivity (along with 4G LTE...Add To Quote
  • Wavemaker™ PRO 5G Outdoor CPE – FW2010e

    Whether you’re seeking to provide gigabit-speed internet connectivity to home user, enterprise business, or large business office, the Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010 series are the high-performance 5G mmWave fixed wireless...Add To Quote