Providing superior communication and connectivity to the service industry.

Minerva offers complete solutions with products and services that improves guest experience with visitor-based network solutions that include touchless and voice-activated technology, casting, PBX, and guest app solutions, with fast and reliable Wi-Fi that provides exceptional connectivity throughout the facility.

Our comprehensive portfolio of two-way radio communication solutions empowers hospitality workers to respond quickly and efficiently wherever they go, providing your team with the technology unique to their needs.


Minerva offers a comprehensive solution to the hospitality industry by combining Wireless Broadband, Two-way, and Unified Communications products and solutions.

The hospitality industry plays a crucial role in providing various services to guests, ranging from accommodations to food and beverage services. The industry’s success depends on the ability to deliver high-quality services quickly and efficiently, which can be challenging without reliable communication and connectivity systems in place.

Wireless broadband and two-way radio solutions can provide a comprehensive communication and connectivity solution for the hospitality industry. By using Cambium Networks enterprise products and Motorola Solutions products, businesses in the hospitality industry can ensure that guests receive the best possible services.

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